I want a phone

I want a phone
                ( for Gihan)

So you finally got yourself a phone !
And you think you’re no longer
Cut off and alone.
Well, you got another think coming lad,
Things are not as bad
as you think lad.
They’re worse !
And now you are glad
you are in touch,
though thirteen grand
was a bit much
to pay.
But such is the way
with life, boy.
The phone is just another decoy, boy.
To get you by the crotch.

Well, now that you are hooked
Lined and sinking,
and just in case you were thinking
of making a call
and inviting your friends to a ball,
just listen to that hollow dial tone,
and when the ringing in your ears
has subsided,
and the fog has lifted from your mind,
you may well be surprised to find,
you’ve got yourself a one way phone.