Book of Laki Senanayake's Artistic Talents

The Geoffrey Bawa Trust has assembled a comprehensive book covering a range of Laki Senanayake's artistic talents. This book includes examples of the Laki's work in drawings, paintings and sculptures.  

Architect. Geoffrey Bawa was a great friend and admirer of Laki's work.

He collaborated with Geoffrey Bawa continuously till his death and this great artistic partnership has led to the creation of some of the masterpieces which are featured in this book.

By publishing this book, the Geoffrey Bawa Trust has given an opportunity to a wider audience to understand Laki's work and appreciate his extraordinary talents.

Archt.  Anjalendran presenting the copy of "Laki" to Laki Senanayake at his home "Diyabubula" in Dambulla

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