Laki’s views on Art

Laki Senanayake believes that the current art market is a racket like the financial market, and is based on the capitalist notion of valuing property over human welfare and happiness. He believes the social value of art lies in it being a widespread activity, and not in being a passive and vicarious entertainment as can be seen in the sports and music of our time.
He claims that what is happening now is that the “artist” absorbs his environment, ingests it, digests it, defecates and the resulting “stool” is the product. Critics examine it and declare it well formed or undigested and some fool buys it and puts it on his wall. He feels that the decline in the widespread engagement in the arts is due to the widely held, and institutionally propagated notion that some lucky few are born with a talent , ignoring that talent can only be recognized in hindsight, and therefore everyone may well be born with it, and only a few use it. This is well described in the biblical parable OF A SEED THAT FALLS ON STONY GROUND.

Posted on October 24, 2014