ASHY BABBLER TILES - 1 Sq Ft - $23.00

These exquisite ceramic tiles featuring six paintings from Laki's Sinharaja water color collection Can be done in sizes starting from 12"x 18"x 1/4",18"x 12"x 1/4", 12"x 24 x 1/4",24"x 12"x 1/4" up to 36"x 72"x 1/4" and 72"x 36"x 1/4 on 1 tile @ US $23 per Square foot.

The tiles are digitally printed and fired onto ceramic tiles and can be used indoors or outdoors with a 5 year warranty by Ciello an Italian company.

  • Points to Note
    • Base Price quoted is USD 23$ For 1 sq. foot = 12inch × 12inch = 144 sq inches
    • Shipping & Delivery charges are not included in this price

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